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For many people, Blockchain has been synonymous with Bitcoin. Although bitcoins were one of the primary reasons for creation of blockchains. There have been a lot of developments in this technology and now, this technology has the potential to impact and boost operational efficiencies of large number of organizations across the globe. While the financial services may be at the forefront of these changes. This opportunity has presented itself with increased urgency across a wide range of sectors. Such as government and ministries, advertising, hospitality, health care, energy, food and agriculture—if there’s a business there’s a transaction, and wherever there’s a transaction there is an opportunity for blockchain.

As blockchain makes considerable forays into financial services pioneers are beginning to recognize the equally big opportunities it offers in many other areas such as energy, transportation, health care, supply chain, real estate, manufacturing and so on
However, many of the industries players are working in an uncoordinated or fragmented manner. This event will bring together the key stakeholders working in diverse fields, creating an exciting cross- industry pollination of ideas and approaches that will yield new insights and explore even more new opportunities for growth and more importantly help in shaping the future blockchain technology policies for the European organizations..

"The main goal of this forum is to create the more accessible and a much more diverse, policy-oriented platform where business and government leaders can learn how blockchain could impact their organizations and how they can seize the opportunity to reap the maximum benefits this budding technology has to offer. "

Hence, we at TraiCon will be hosting the “World BlockChain Congress– Bahamas 2018” scheduled to take place on 29th -30th November 2018 in Nassau, Bahamas. This two day summit is an educative platform comprising of both local and international case study presentations, highly interactive panel discussions and networking sessions.

We request all the key government sector stake holders, private sector stake holders and solution providers to support us and actively participate in this summit which focuses on the implementation of Blockchains to improve efficiency of services and boost the economy of the country.

Why Bahamas?

  • As per a recent press release the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance the Hon. Peter Turnquest stated that Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionise the way business is done in The Bahamas.

  • During a workshop hosted by the Inter-American Development Bank on 31st January 2018, the Deputy Prime Minister added that Blockchain technology has the ability to propel the country in a really dramatic way from where it is today to being a true leader in terms of technology and the way business is done as well as the ease of doing business.An illustration was also given of how the Government could potentially implement the technology to create electronic records that are “indisputable”, which would then lead to a system where records could be produced that individuals could carry around in the form of an electronic passport that they can take to any bank where they want to open an account.

  • Another goal was to see if this technology could be used for education and training in the sense for keeping records and diplomas available and making them easily accessible to their owner of the records, employers as well as the learning institutions.

  • IDB Country Representative of Bahrain also explained that emerging technologies like Blockchain have been making waves all over the world in recent years. “In The Bahamas, we think we can apply blockchain to a number of areas beyond cyrptocurrencies or even the Financial Sector.” She said one of the major goals of the workshop was to convince stakeholders as well as get their feedback on the usefulness of Blockchain Technology in The Bahamas in the area of sovereign citizen security and justice, in particular the information that is being handled by the justice system.

  • The Deputy Prime Minister also noted that the Government is looking at how Blockchain technology can be useful in producing a proper land registry, employing it with companies registering with the government. “There are a whole host of opportunities that exist as a result of this technology and we want to explore it all and take our country to the cutting edge.”

Why Attend ?

Why Sponsor ?

An Opportunity to present your Ideas, Innovation, and latest offerings to Blockchain Experts, your existing Clients, New Prospects, Top Investors, Advisors, Founders, Thought Leaders, Likeminded People and Stake Holders of the Industry – All under one roof

Great Networking Opportunities

Take part in more engaging and extensive networking sessions across the summit which includes formal Pre-scheduled Meetings, luncheons, panel discussions, round tables, workshops and much more.

A Leading Interactive Exhibition

Engage with the leading players who would be showcasing their products, services, platforms and solutions in our interactive exhibition. Meet established industry leaders, investors and startups set to change the face of the market.

More Real User Case Studies

Boasting an interactive, cutting edge agenda, hear from the most relevant live case studies. Learn about what companies are currently doing & how they are leveraging Blockchain to get a strategic advantage over their competitors.

Where Business Leaders and Industry Stakeholders Meet

Meet with business & industry leaders who are looking to harness the power of the Blockchain for their organizations. Join a community of Enterprises to engage, connect & learn from the best.

Who should Attend ?

The World Blockchain Congress - Bahamas 2018 is for Economies, and Companies looking to stay ahead of the game realizing the Potential impact that Blockchain can have on their Economy or Organization

  • CISOs, SISOs, CIOs, COOs, CEOs, CTOs & Senior Executives
  • Business Heads
  • Managing Partners
  • Principals / Managing Directors
  • Vice Presidents / Directors
  • FinTech Professionals
  • Head of Digital Transformation, & Heads of Business Transformation
  • Heads of Innovation, Heads of Data Science, & Heads of Application
  • Heads of IT & Information Security, and Heads of Engineering
  • Heads of Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Architecture
  • Technical Advisors
  • Software Engineers
  • Research Managers
  • Development Managers
  • Heads of Emerging Technology, Heads of Development, & Heads of Strategy
  • Marketing Managers & Developers
  • Investors, Blockchain Start Ups, Venture Capitalists and more

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